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A Letter from Our Leaders

A Letter from Our Leaders

At Janssen, the Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson, our mission is to transform lives by treating and curing some of the world’s most challenging diseases. Every day, we bring together cutting-edge science and the most creative minds in medical research to think differently about fighting disease.

We are passionate about this work because we know the dramatic impact medicines have on human life. All of us have benefitted from extraordinary medical advances over the past few decades — whether personally or through the experiences of loved ones who are now living longer or better thanks to innovative medicines. In fact, medicines are responsible for 70 percent of recent gains in life expectancy.1

That is why it is so important that patients who need a medicine can get that medicine. We understand the concerns of patients, families and other stakeholders who are worried about health care costs, including the costs of prescription medications. They are calling on us to provide greater transparency about how we operate — including disclosing more information on our pricing and marketing practices, our patient access programs, and our clinical trials.

At Janssen, we are proud of our legacy of leadership on transparency and responsible business operations. That is why we are pleased to release the first annual Janssen U.S. Transparency Report, providing information about our medicines — from discovery and development to commercialization:

  • Clinical Data Transparency: Information about our recent efforts to make our clinical trial data more accessible and transparent.

  • Value & Pricing: Our approach to pricing our medicines, disclosure of our list price increases over the past five years, the net impact of those increases on our business, and the amount of rebates and discounts we paid.

  • Access: How we help patients who need our products, including details about our U.S. patient access programs and contributions to help improve patient access to medicines.

  • Our Investments: How and why we provide information about our medicines to physicians and consumers, and disclosure of our sales and marketing expenses.

Our response to public questions does not end with increased transparency. As part of the world’s most broadly-based health care company, we are in a unique position to see the challenges in our current system — and to advocate for improvements, working in partnership with stakeholders throughout the health care system.

The fact is, the U.S. health care system is extraordinarily fragmented and complex. In 2013 alone, wasted health care expenditures, such as excess administration and low-value care, cost the U.S. an estimated $765 billion.2 Meanwhile, many still cannot afford the care they need, which is why we advocate for policies that support expanded coverage and assistance for patients.

Ultimately, however, ensuring that every American has access to affordable health care, including medicines, will require changes to how our country covers and pays for medical care. Instead of paying for volume in health care — the number of procedures performed or prescriptions filled — we should be paying for the value such care delivers. Every part of the health care system, including pharmaceutical companies like Janssen, should be held accountable for the value it delivers.

We believe this approach has tremendous potential to improve patient health, increase access to medicine, and limit costs. That is why we have entered into and continue to explore value-based arrangements with payers, aimed at containing costs and supporting patient population health goals. Such arrangements include, for example, contracts based on improving patient population outcome measures, lowering overall health care expenditures (such as inpatient hospitalization costs), or achieving treatment objectives. It is also why we recently became the first pharmaceutical company to join the Department of Health and Human Services' Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network (LAN), which is focused on accelerating our health care system’s transition to value-based care.

We recognize that we are just one company, and that our actions and disclosures alone cannot resolve all the challenges patients face in our health care system. We hope that by providing even greater transparency into how we operate within the current health care system, we can advance the dialogue and sharpen the focus on the promise of a more value-based health care system.




Jennifer Taubert
Company Group Chairman, The Americas, Pharmaceuticals

Anastasia Daifotis, M.D.
Chief Scientific Officer, Janssen North America Pharmaceuticals

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