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Innovation the Cornerstone to Building a Future Fit Leadership Suite

Many people think of innovation purely in terms of research and development that leads to new medicines and services but at Johnson & Johnson innovation is the foundation of our culture. We look to innovative solutions across the spectrum of our business, especially our talent landscape, as we work to create a workforce fit for the future.

The need to deliver an innovative response to talent and leadership management has never been more critical, as the workplace as we know it today is evolving rapidly.

Fast forward 10 or 20 years from now and concepts which are today considered in their infancy, such as, automation, robotics and artificial intelligence will have become commonplace – and with that, the skills, competencies and role of the workforce and leaders will also evolve.

From a Human Resources (HR) and talent perspective, the workplace of the future presents unprecedented challenge and raises questions that are being asked in Boardrooms and HR offices across the globe.

So how does an organisation ‘future proof’ itself and its people? How best to attract and retain the brightest minds and continue to develop world-class leaders and create relevant leadership models?

At Johnson & Johnson, we believe that true innovation is a collaborative effort.

One of the latest examples we are proud to showcase as a company is the recent launch of the Johnson & Johnson Emerging Markets Leadership Lab Asia - the aim of which is to become a world-class talent center of excellence.

A hub of talent innovation, the Leadership Lab was designed specifically to connect leaders and future leaders across the health eco-system, with the aim of engaging in research, dialogue and debate, to co-create business-based solutions that will directly impact the future of health for humanity.

With mega-trends at play, including technology breakthroughs, demographic shifts, rapid urbanisation, shifts in global economic power, resource scarcity and climate change, all of which will impact the world of work but are too big to tackle alone, we know that connecting like-minded organisations and individuals and working together is the best way to address changing talent and leadership needs required to navigate this ‘new world’.

So, with support from government, and multiple strategic multi-partnership initiatives to enhance learning and opportunity for problem-solving, the Leadership Lab provides a forum through which we can jointly address some of the biggest trends and challenges ahead and equip future leaders with the required skill sets to see them succeed.

Through this, we have a unique platform in which we’re working to build transformative capabilities and define innovative ways of developing leaders and leadership that will match with the needs of the future world of work.

Against a backdrop where mega-trends will have become mainstays, from the technology and big data boom (25% automation by 2025), to millennial workforce make up (40% by 2020), we know that enabling the best talent will make the biggest difference to future success.

As we explore what defines the future of leadership we encourage conversation to discover and learn together so our people can truly flourish in the evolving working environment. Furthermore, we know that agility, adaptability, courage, a ‘risk taking’ mindset, empathy and a desire to connect on a shared purpose are hallmark traits that will create a strong legacy from which we will build our workforce of tomorrow.

Underpinned by Our Credo, which unites us and guides us daily, in our quest to improve the health of all, I’m excited by the prospect of the Leadership Lab and the possibilities that come with equipping our leaders of tomorrow and guiding them to do so with passion and purpose.

No one can predict the future. But at a time when business leaders are united as they are jointly faced with unprecedented risks, disruption and political and societal upheaval, we see the opportunity ahead and we are excited by the possibilities.

Changing the trajectory of health for humanity requires innovative and collaborative partnerships driven by a future fit leadership suite. And at Johnson & Johnson our door will always be open to individuals as committed to that vision and as passionate about it as we are today.