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The Power of Positivity: A Lesson for this Lunar New Year

The Power of Positivity: A Lesson for this Lunar New Year

Chinese New Year is one of my favourite times of the year. As a vibrant display of colour and celebrations unfold across Asia, there is an abundance of well-wishes and good thoughts for the year ahead.

This positive energy is something we must all embrace throughout the entire year – not just during the Lunar Year celebrations. I’m a big believer in the transformative power of positive energy across all aspects of life, including in our careers and the workplace.

Everyone has their driver of positive energy, their go-to for an increased dose of strength and inspiration. Mine is daily exercise … whether it is a swim, a jog, or my ‘no phones’ walk with my husband and dog. Exercise lifts my soul and nurtures my mind, helping me prepare for whatever the day has in store.

I’m fortunate that I work for an organisation which values the power of positive energy. At Johnson & Johnson, we believe that our mission to create a healthier world goes hand-in-hand with maintaining a healthy workforce – one that is satisfied, empowered and equipped to drive this mission forward.

For this reason, we established the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute. A division of Johnson & Johnson Health & Wellness Solutions, the institute is undertaking pioneering work in training our team members to sustain high performance levels through optimal energy management.

Of course, having an employee wellness Institute within our organization will only work if our team members fully embrace and actively engage with the services on offer.

As someone who has attended courses offered through the Institute, I know firsthand that this is a priceless opportunity to learn and try new things no matter where you are in your career or personal journey.

Completing this program, which is based on more than 30 years of proprietary research, I learned how to more effectively manage my energy levels through the right mix of exercise, diet and rest. Eating right is key – the program recommends five small, healthy meals a day – and so is a good nights’ sleep. It sounds simple but implementing this approach every day requires true commitment; and when done in the right way, it is extremely rewarding.

In addition to this practical guide, the program also provided a valuable opportunity to revisit and reflect on matters that transcend day-to-day life, such as my purpose and drivers in work and life in a broader sense. Having clearly defined answers to these questions is central to our ability to achieve greater fulfilment. There is no question the program was well worth the time and effort.

Optimising energy levels is a must-do in today’s hectic world. In addition to exercise and healthy eating, the key is recognising personal sources of inspiration and positivity, and harnessing these for maximum benefit. My driver is making a difference to my community and making an impact together with colleagues and friends who I can trust and depend on.

What’s your motivation? I invite you to reflect on this question this Lunar New Year. It may well be a starting point for a new journey enriched by personal and professional rewards over the long-term.