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Infectious Diseases & Vaccines

Infectious Diseases & Vaccines

"There is so much more to be done; patients are waiting"

Dr Paul Janssen



At Janssen we have ambitious goals. To prevent, cure and one day eradicate infectious diseases. It’s a goal we’ve been working toward from our earliest days. Our company’s founder, Dr Paul Janssen, relentlessly pursued solutions to the diseases that threaten humanity, particularly HIV/AIDS.

Today we continue to improve public health by fighting infectious diseases worldwide. Our treatments have helped to transform the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C and tuberculosis. Success has come through constant innovation and research. But treatments alone are not enough. That’s why we’re working with the doctors, nurses and advocates on the front line to provide a portfolio of solutions.

These include:


Joint initiatives
Asia-Pacific Programs
Professional Partnerships

Working with multiple organisations to improve access to treatment and patient outcomes

Janssen has teamed up with the National Association of People Living With HIV Australia (NAPWHA) and several other pharmaceutical companies to help temporary Australian residents access to antiretroviral treatment.

For patients that do not have access to Government subsidised healthcare, the cost of treatment may be beyond reach.

The joint initiative offered HIV-positive temporary residents who qualify for the program access to free treatment.

Supporting our neighbours’ response to infectious diseases

At Janssen our commitment to improving the lives of people with infectious diseases transcends national boundaries. It’s why we support the Collaboration for Health in Papua New Guinea.

PNG has one of the highest rates of HIV in our region.

Together with our partners, we have launched initiatives designed to assist local health workers and increase access to counseling, advice and services.

Working with key organisations to secure better resources and services for people living with infectious diseases

Janssen supports a wide range of healthcare, community and patient organisations to improve the way we manage and treat infectious diseases.

Our partnerships include the National Association of People Living With HIV Australia (NAPWA), Hepatitis Australia and the Australasian Society for HIV Medicine.