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Café 47

Salvation Army Café 47

At Janssen we don’t just work in a community, we become part of it. So when we opened our office in Macquarie Park, we began searching for ways to help our local area. It didn’t take long to find.

The Salvation Army has been working in the Macquarie Park area for more than 13 years. Their initiatives are helping to transform the lives of those within the community. It’s a big task. And one we wanted to share. So Janssen began supporting the Salvation Army and their Macquarie Park programs.

Programs like Café 47 – a free pop up coffee shop that gives people in the area the chance to meet in a welcoming, safe space. For those in the community suffering from depression, anxiety and mental illness, making the decision to step out of their home takes enormous courage. Café 47 makes those tentative first steps a little easier.

Café 47 also runs a barista training program, specially designed for young people in Macquarie Park. For 10 weeks they learn to make coffee, prepare food and serve customers. It not only teaches them the skills to find work, it gives them confidence to do it. Several Café 47 graduates have already found jobs.