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Early Talent Programs

Early Talent Programs

There are lots of opportunities for students and recent graduates to join us and make a difference. Because Janssen is where you find a career that makes an impact. So check out the Early Talent opportunities that help you take your first steps towards an impactful career.




"As a young graduate, I was fortunate to have landed a job that offered me numerous opportunities and exposed me to various facets of the organization, ranging from operations to quality assurance. Within a short period of time, I had the chance to work with and learn from a diverse group of individuals, each with distinctive perspectives and experiences that expanded my knowledge and skills. The program was a unique experience that set the foundation for my career."

Roxanne Nicasie & Eleni Noels

Young Graduates

Financial Analyst Program

As a Financial Analyst, you will join the J&J Finance Team. Here, you’ll be able to learn all about how to achieve liquidity objectives and limit reputational risk. Alternatively, you can learn the ins and outs of carefully managing Janssen’s business model. Whatever your preference, you’ll acquire a lot of financial expertise, while building an international network.

Interested? Go tor and search for 00001GJ0

"The Young Graduate program is challenging and offers you the opportunity to gain many different experiences and insights as well as build your network and connect with different colleagues, teams, and departments. Always with a big focus on your personal development."

Camille Coppens, Federica Mare, Isabelle Slachmuylders

Young Graduates

Young Graduate Development Program – Supply Chain

The Young Graduate Development Program is a three-year rotation program designed to help recent graduates get a handle on all aspects of the Janssen Supply Chain in Beerse or Geel. It’s the ideal way to gain experience in various functional domains, such as Production, Quality, Planning, Engineering and Technical Operations, while building a network in house. But that’s not all, because your personal development is also given plenty of attention, to prepare you for a permanent position at Johnson & Johnson.

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"As a young graduate at Johnson & Johnson, you'll have the opportunity to learn by doing in a challenging environment, where you'll be encouraged to take on new challenges and stretch beyond your comfort zone, ultimately helping you develop your skills and make a real impact."

Cesare Bertolaja, Fien Bertels, Heleen De Bruyn

Young Graduates

J&J Technology Leadership Development Program

This program revolves around hands-on learning. You follow different training courses, including three in the United States. This is the perfect opportunity to swiftly build an international network across the company. You’ll work at various departments, while also developing a variety of useful IT skills that you can put to wide use.

Interested? Go to and search for 00001GJQ

International Early Talent rotation programs

At Janssen, you always end up in an international environment. But our global Early Talent rotation programs also offer a fast track to international experience.

J&J Global Operations Leadership Development (GOLD) Program

Is an intensive two-and-a-half-year rotation program with a supply chain focus your kind of challenge? If so, the GOLD program is made for you. You combine the challenging job rotations with classroom and online training, designed to develop the next generation of leaders for engineering, operations, quality and control positions at J&J.

J&J Finance Leadership Development Program (FLDP)

Want to hone your financial skills or set on a position as senior financial analyst? If so, be sure to check out the Finance Leadership Development Program. This is a comprehensive program designed to create future financial leaders.


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