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Beautiful future for every child

Beautiful future for every child

A recent project in Brussels helps socially vulnerable children dream of a future, so that they are encouraged to study and make their dreams come true. The Toekomstatelier de l’Avenir shows them what could be in store for them in the future. Practical training and meetings with enthusiastic professionals encourage them to be inquisitive and discover and develop the world and themselves. About twenty-five Janssen employees share their passion with these children on three consecutive Saturdays.

In the Brussels municipality of Saint-Josse-Ten-Noode dozens of children will voluntarily spend their time in school on Saturday. For three years, they will be instructed in a playful way about topics that lead to specific professions such as journalist, police officer, lawyer, fashion designer, physician, etc. This way, the children discover more options and they are more strongly motivated to finish their studies. Janssen wants to introduce the children to chemistry and medicine production and to show them the positive impact this can have on the lives of many people.

Inspirational learning

The children learn to build molecules, make bath salt, learn about their own DNA, fill capsules, and do some taste tests. The Janssen employees think it is very important to encourage young people to choose a career in science. It’s also a unique experience and nice to see how enthusiastic and creative the children are.

The participation in the Toekomstatelier de l’Avenir is part of Janssen’s recently launched CSR program, GROW. Here we aim to demonstrate our commitment to society. Our mission is to give all those in need the strength to develop fully in our society. We do this by offering educational opportunities and providing daytime child care, but also by supporting care providers and increasing access to healthcare.