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Janssen focuses on finding solutions for some of the most pressing medical needs. This is a huge challenge. That is why we not only look beyond our own walls for new solutions, but also search actively for external partners. In this way, Janssen aims to identify and develop the best ideas inside and outside its own organization.

Network of contacts

The Janssen Campus Office (JCO) provides all sorts of innovative partnerships, which can boost and reinforce our efforts, via an extensive network of contacts.

By acting as a central point of contact between the internal and external spheres, the JCO aims to promote open innovation. The mission is still patient care, while the purpose is to discover, develop, and produce fundamentally new healthcare solutions. Janssen is not caught up in a ‘me-too’ scenario, but in cutting-edge science and is looking for solutions to unanswered medical needs.

Open innovation

And so, we opt resolutely for open innovation. This means that we search actively for potential partners who can help: (biotech) companies, universities, and research institutions which can link their expertise to our company's knowledge, so that together we can produce better results sooner.

In recent years, scores of new partnerships have arisen in this way between Janssen and its external partners. These are not only partners from the traditional pharmaceutical world, but also companies operating in the fields of artificial intelligence, domotics, cable-free and mobile communication, IT, and logistics.

Contact us

The world of healthcare is in a state of change. The ways in which we will be making diagnoses, administering medicine, recognizing or preventing diseases and monitoring patients will be completely different in the future to what it is today. Do you want to help us pursue those changes? Or do you have a question for the JCO team, specific ideas, or suggestions?

If so, do not hesitate to contact the Janssen Campus Office: [email protected].