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Collaboration with patient organizations

At Janssen, we work together all over the world to find solutions to some of the most complex medical challenges. These require the most prudent science, the most creative spirits, and the greatest possible openness for collaborating at every stage with researchers, governments, patient organizations, and many others.

In the interest of patients

A good health for every patient is and remains the mainspring for Janssen. We aim to get a clear understanding of all aspects relating to patient requirements. That is why we work together with various patient organizations which play an important role in terms of patient information and support. Belgium has about 400 large and small patient organizations, and their number and influence are growing constantly.

The relationships and partnerships are based on a number of principles, such as mutual respect, knowledge, integrity, autonomy, and transparency. These principles have been outlined since 2007 in the ‘Code Of Practice On Relationships Between The Pharmaceutical Industry And Patient Organizations’, which was put together by the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industry Associations (EFPIA) in partnership with patient organizations from all over Europe. The Belgian umbrella organization of the pharmaceutical industry,, also has a deontological code and ensures that it is observed strictly. This deontological code provides the framework for building long-term partnerships with all health care partners, including academics, physicians, pharmacists, health institutions, and patient organizations. Janssen endorses both codes in full.

Why collaborate with patient organizations?

Janssen believes that collaboration and interaction with patient organizations is extremely important, instructive, and valuable. They help us to develop new treatments and provide information to help patients. Each year, Janssen supports a number of patient organizations in Belgium in different ways. We do so, for example, by providing help with the completion of a magazine, website, or other publication, attending congresses, or setting up campaigns or activities.

All requests for collaboration are subjected to a revision process which Janssen has developed specifically for this purpose. This process outlines clearly which types of requests from patient organizations will and won’t be honored. A multidisciplinary committee will assess and approve funding or partnership requests. Every quarter, Janssen discloses its contributions to the various partnership projects.

Complete transparency

Find below a list of patient organizations which we have supported in Belgium during 2014 & 2015. For information on more recent (2016 onwards) interactions with patient organizations in Belgium click here.

Patient Organization
Project description
Aide Info Sida asblSupport of patient related services, diverse projects2015
CHAC asblSupport for annual list of activities (brochures, website, ...)2015
CMP Vlaanderen vzwSupport for diverse projects: renew website, symposium 9 May, magazine Flash, ...2015
Mymu Wallonie-Bruxelles asblSupport for symposium in Mont-Godinne 27 May 20152015
Plate-Forme Prevention Sida asblSupport for different projects: monthly meetings, publication Sida News2015
Reumatoide Artritis-Liga vzwSupport for magazine RAAM2015
ReumaNet vzwSupport for 'World Rheumatism Day' projects2015
ReumaNet vzwDonation 10 chairs2015
Sensoa v.z.w.Support of diverse set of projects: website and digital newsletter, reprint brochures, activities, ...2015
Psoriasis Liga VlaanderenSupport for magazine Psoriant and translation cost2015
Similes WallonieSupport internal training: motivational approach2015
Vlaams Hepatitis Contactpunt vzwSupport for mailing info Hep C to members, update website Hepafocus, creation facebook page2015
Centrum ZitStil vzwSupport for ADHD Day November 21st2015
CHAC asblSupport for annual list of activities 2014
GIPSO asblSupport for PSO-magazine and different activities2014
Plate-Forme Prevention Sida asblSupport for different projects: realisation brochures et outils pour et par les personnes seropositives2014
Psoriasis Liga Vlaanderen vzwSupport for World Day Psoriasis, magazine PSORIANT and 2 website support2014
Reumatoide Artritis-Liga vzwSupport for magazine RAAM2014
Sensoa v.z.w.Co-support of diverse set of projects: General working, update and reprint brochures, activities, ...2014
Federatie van Vlaamse Simileskringen vzwSupport for VOKA membership and distribution of magazine2014
Similes Bruxelles asblSupport for brochure 'Le nouveau fil d'Ariane'2014
Aide Info Sida asblSupport of patient related services, diverse2014
CMP Vlaanderen vzwSupport for Multiple Myeloom en Waldenstromsymposium 8/11/2014 (invitations, syllabi, ...)2014
Collectif des Femmes asblSupport for reprint brochures2014
Mymu Wallonie-Bruxelles asblSupport for annual list of activities: reprint brochures, flyers, support website2014
ReumaNet vzwSupport for 'World Rheumatism Day' projects2014
Sensoa v.z.w.Support for print more brochures and order ballpoints for promoting website2014
Similes Wallonie asblSupport for Profamille congres (hiring of room, printing of folders and posters)2014
Vlaams Hepatitis Contactpunt vzwSupport of different projects: development and maintenance website2014