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We have a long-standing commitment to address global health crises, such as Ebola, which builds on our history of redefining treatment paradigms. We are committed to bringing forward transformational vaccines to help overcome the threat of some of the world’s most life-threatening infectious diseases.

Accelaration of the development programme

In response to what would become the worst Ebola outbreak in history, Janssen accelerated the development programme for its Ebola vaccine regimen in 2014.1 Since then, approximately 60,000 people have received the Ebola vaccine through clinical studies and vaccination initiatives,2 including more than 50,000 people in the Democratic Republic Congo and Rwanda during the 2018-2020 outbreak.3

Collaboration to help prevent outbreaks


We strive to be partners of choice in collaborations and actively work with governments, industry, advocacy and academia to develop and deliver vaccines that serve the needs of diverse populations worldwide. As a result of our collaborative efforts, we were able to help those most at need, with the ultimate goal of preventing outbreaks before they start.


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