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First JLABS incubator – Janssen campus in Belgium

First JLABS incubator – Janssen campus in Belgium

JLABS is a worldwide network of incubators that helps promising enterprises and entrepreneurs to get important innovations to the patient faster. JLABS is part of the Johnson & Johnson Innovation business group and has built up a huge network all over the world. It helps young companies to turn their scientific findings into breakthrough therapies by giving them access to the expertise, funding, educational programs and facilities that they need. The Janssen campus in Belgium houses the first JLABS in Europe, in a purpose-built facility. On our campus, entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to exchange ideas and collaborate, thanks to access to a unique combination of resources, including infrastructure, and relevant internal and external scientific, technical and business expertise.

JLABS is the first incubator for life sciences that offers innovators the opportunity and resources to develop health and well-being solutions that improve the lives of people around the world. The mission of JLABS is to create the most important innovation network in the world in order to create breakthrough healthcare solutions through value-creating partnerships. JLABS wants to provide a capital-efficient and flexible platform where startups can transform today's scientific discoveries into tomorrow's groundbreaking products.

Major advantages for small businesses

JLABS offers an infrastructure where capital is invested in science. This helps innovators to gain full access to expertise, mentoring and connections to support their growth. The funding options give the companies opportunities and pave the way for success, visibility and access to a global network.

JLABS works with Johnson & Johnson Innovation Centers, JJDC (the strategic risk capital arm of Johnson & Johnson Innovation) and Business Development and R&D experts. JLABS has seen significant demand and growth all over the world: extra locations are being added, improved programs are being offered and new opportunities are created for entrepreneurs. In addition, it connects a worldwide network of investors, resources and experts with one another. This growth goes hand in hand with an enormous increase in diversity in terms of companies, technologies and talent to be incorporated into the ecosystem. Today, the JLABS ecosystem includes more than 700 companies, which have together raised a total of $40 billion in financing and strategic relationships.

First JLABS in Europe

The Janssen campus in Beerse, Belgium houses the first JLABS in Europe, in a purpose-built facility. Our mission is to create an innovation hub through value-creating partnerships. Beerse was the home of Dr. Paul Janssen, who started a business with a loan from his father of around 1,240 euro (50,000 Belgian francs back then) and a work area on the third floor of the family business. A lab that would achieve great results. Now Beerse is the home of the first JLABS in Europe, which offers innovators the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of Dr. Paul Janssen.

Value-creating partnerships

JLABS @ BE houses startups relating to life sciences that focus on innovation across the health spectrum, including the pharmaceuticals, medical devices, consumer products and health technology sectors. The companies there focus on a wide range of healthcare-related areas, including new immunotherapies, artificial intelligence and medical devices. JLABS @ BE is an attractive location for all types of innovators, from startup entrepreneurs to experienced researchers with diverse experience in the academic world, startups, companies and venture capital firms. What connects them all is their mission to develop solutions for numerous healthcare sectors, to improve and save lives.

JLABS is here to help you! If you want to learn more about the JLABS model, our focus areas and the application procedure, please visit the JLABS website.