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GROW Together for society – Innovation for a good cause

Oct 21, 2016Sonja WillemsSonja WillemsManaging Director Janssen Benelux

There are vast numbers of ideas to tackle challenges such as health, poverty, and educational opportunities. These are social challenges which concern all of us. Challenges which create chances for innovation and enterprise. The concept of innovation often makes us think of technological gadgets, yet innovation also means tackling the challenges in our society in new ways. There are more and more innovators who occupy themselves with a social objective. Not only entrepreneurs, but also citizens, associations, and centres of knowledge. They regard social impact as an important motive for innovation. And so, social enterprise is also a new form of enterprise. We believe in social innovation which relates enterprise to social impact.

We want to play a part in stimulating social innovation and developing social enterprise together with the Social Innovation Factory, Social Enterprise NL, a dynamic support programme for (starting) social entrepreneurs and social profit organisations in the Netherlands and Belgium.

The Social Grow Sessions which are part of our Corporate Social Responsibility programme GROW Together for Society will give social innovators the chance to turn their relevant socially innovative idea into a workable business model or plan. Projects by innovators who provide answers to social needs in an innovative manner. And so, we hope to light a flame of social enterprise and generate ‘social profit’. For more information you can visit: