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An internship at Janssen

An internship at Janssen

An internship at Janssen is a unique opportunity to gain work experience, to get to know the pharmaceutical world and perhaps even find your first job. Each year, we welcome more than 150 interns, ranging from pharmacists to engineers and ranging from administrative to scientific specialists — an ideal step toward a job where you can contribute to healthcare, both close to home and across the world.

At Janssen, we pay a great deal of attention to the training and development of our employees, and our interns are also part of this! Interested in taking an internship at Janssen? Click here to see our current range of internships!

"I felt very welcome, not least because of the intensive training and coaching. We got to see everything and were also allowed to put into practice what we’d learned. Thanks to my internship at Janssen, I gained a real understanding of what it means to work with clinical studies in the business world."

Stéphanie Vrancken

Site Manager R&D and former intern

An internship is the perfect way to get an idea of what working at Janssen actually entails. And who knows, it may be the first step toward gaining a job at Janssen.

"At university, everything is very focused on working in labs, but if you're at a company, that's quite different. The move from the school bench to the big wide world is not to be underestimated. Of course, I had to find my own way, but at Janssen you are very well prepared as an intern."

Kim Dillen

Clinical Research Associate and former intern

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