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Janssen wins Randstad Award for Most Attractive Employer of the decade.

Janssen wins Randstad Award for Most Attractive Employer of the Decade

On May 14, 2020 we received the Randstad Award for Most Attractive Employer of the Decade from the CEO of Randstad, Herman Nijns. As we succeed ourself as winner of the first decade, Janssen has been one of the most attractive employers in Belgium for 20 years according to Randstad's annual Employer Brand study

Janssen wins Randstad Award for most attractive employer of the decade

"The performance of Janssen Pharmaceutica is simply impressive," says Herman Nijns. "The company scores particularly well on the pillars of financial health, work/life balance and the latest technologies. The fact that they also succeed themselves as the winner of the previous decade shows that Janssen is a fixed value at the top of Belgian private companies. This is only possible if there is a strong employer brand at the basis, something you have to work on every day," says Nijns.

Since 2001, Randstad has been researching the power of employer branding and annually presents the Randstad Award to the most attractive employer in Belgium. In addition to winning the decade award, this year Janssen ranks 3rd out of 183 companies surveyed with a score of 48.6. This score represents the number of people who know the company and indicate that they want to work for it. 

Innovation is our foundation, also in HR approach

Janssen Pharmaceutica's CEO Kris Sterkens is proud: "Our company must be 100 percent innovative. You create that by giving employees room to experiment and develop ideas. What's more, employees at all levels of the organization feel that their job has value, especially now in the fight against the Coronavirus," says Sterkens.

Healthiest Careers

Job content is also decisive in the choice of Janssen, according to the study. Personnel Director Hilde Claes: "We are a knowledge company, of course everything revolves around our people. Janssen is not only known as a high-tech player, but also as an employer that takes good care of its personnel. Every career is a shared responsibility between employer and employee. We provide them with the tools, and help our employees shape their careers". At Janssen, we strive for sustainable and flexible careers in which you do what you like to do and what you are good at. We do this under the heading "Healthiest Careers".

A career at Janssen

Janssen is a company in full development, which means that we are constantly looking for new colleagues. Whether you are an engineer, chemist, technician or marketing specialist, whether you have just graduated or are already an experienced professional: every employee has his or her unique place within our company, with growth opportunities. Are you interested? Then take a look at! Or read more here.

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