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Janssen wins the VBO - Belgian Business Award for the Environment

Janssen wins the VBO - Belgian Business Award for the Environment


The Belgian Business Award is presented by the Federation of Belgian Enterprises (VBO) every other year to recognize companies that harness sustainable innovations to combine business with care for the environment. The panel of experts selected Janssen Pharmaceutica as the overall winner.

Open, sustainable innovation

Our entry was built on the management vision of Janssen Pharmaceutica with a focus on open, sustainable innovation. This is documented by two cases: Plant-on-a-Truck in association with Inopsys and the distillation of solvents in residual flows in association with De Neef Chemical Processing (DNCP).

Plant-on-a-Truck in association with Inopsys

Plant-on-a-Truck is an innovative concept in which water layers that cannot be sent to the water treatment works are treated by us onsite in a mobile system, which fits in perfectly with the circular economy. That enables us to reuse useful materials or destroy toxic ingredients and purify the water. This project is run with our partner Inopsys.

The first flow treated from the launch in 2017 is the process water from the production of Invokana® (canaglifozin), which we can recover zinc from.

Recycling solvents in residual flows, in association with DNCP

Our Janssen Supply Chain department in Geel has been working for years with De Neef Chemical Processing (DNCP) to maximize solvent recycling and so minimize our ecological footprint. Since August 2017 two solvents have been reused in the Janssen processes, an important innovation.

These are IPA (isopropanol) and toluene, solvents needed for the synthesis of Invokana®. The waste flows are removed by jumbo trucks to our partner DNCP in Kallo. There, the solvents are distilled to the desired quality in towers that are specially built for this project and then returned to us for general use.

Great concern for ecological sustainability in product development at Janssen

Sustainability has long been ingrained in the Janssen corporate culture, as stated in our Credo. In doing so, we focus not only on social and economic sustainability but also ecological sustainability.For Janssen, ecological sustainability begins in the development of new products by committing ourselves unreservedly to green chemistry and green technology, including in the laboratories. We took care and responsibility from the start to finish in the lifecycle of our drugs.

We have established the Earthwards® label to raise the profile of that ecological sustainability. Earthwards® is the global Johnson & Johnson approach to developing and marketing more sustainable products. There are currently 72 Earthwards® products, including Invega® and Trevicta®, two products that were developed on our campus. This is recognition that these products have led to significant - up to 70% - improvements in sustainability.