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Launch of PH Human app

Launch of PH Human app

Pulmonary hypertension (PH) is one of the areas of expertise of Janssen. Foremost, we focus on pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH), a chronic condition characterized by increased pressure in the pulmonary arteries. As a result, people with PAH experience, for example, shortness of breath and fatigue. To support people with PAH and healthcare professionals we developed the PH HUMAN app.

Pulmonary arterial hypertension


Pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) is one of the types of PH. It’s a rare, progressive and fatal lung condition, showing symptoms that are common among regular diseases such as exhaustion, shortness of breath, fainting, chest aching and swollen ankles. PAH initiates changes in the tissue of pulmonary arteries, which lead to constricted arteries. Consequently, the blood pressure in the arteries rises.1 In Belgium 300-400 people are affected by PAH and each year 60 people are newly diagnosed.2



PAH is a chronic, progressive condition and therefore a healthy lifestyle and adjusted medical support is crucial for the quality of life for PAH patients.3 The PH HUMAN app is developed to support patients and healthcare professionals. The mobile application gives the opportunity to monitor and to provide overview on the condition of the patient. Patients monitor their wellbeing, vital conditions and PAH-symptoms on a daily basis. All the data is collected on a regular basis in one place. Healthcare professionals and patients can easily make steps together in the treatment of PAH. The app provides access to adequate healthcare regardless location or time. Patients can now receive care in the safe environment of their home.

Janssen and PH


The treatment of PH has improved a lot of the last years, however, full recovery is still not possible. We aim for improvement of PH treatment in three areas: diagnostics, treatment and prognosis.

PH is a progressive and uncurable disease, therefore treatment is more than the use of medication. Lifestyle and psychological support have major effects on the lives of PH patients. Healthcare professionals and the social environment of people with PAH are playing a substantial role in the life of PAH patients.3 Next to the support provided by the PH HUMAN app, we want to stimulate to the conversation between the people with PAH and their social environment. With that in mind, we launched the website “Leven met PH” [Living with PAH]. On this website, fellow patiënts and PH specialized healthcare professionals can share their stories and retrieve information. 

About Janssen


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