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Lewis Cantley wins the dr. Paul Janssen Award 2020!

The winner of the Dr. Paul Janssen award 2020 is Professor Lewis Cantley, director of the Cancer Center at Weill Cornell Medical Collega and New York-Presbyterian Hospital. Through his research into the role of different proteins in the regulation of cellular metabolism and cell division, the scientific world has been able to make great strides in understanding and treating various diseases such as cancer and diabetes. Lewis Cantley is honored to have won the Dr. Paul Janssen Award: "I share Dr. Paul Janssen's passion for scientific research and I am grateful that my work is recognized in this way.”

Cantley’s key to cell division and cell growth

Lewis Cantley's research group focused on the protein phosphorusositide 3-kinase (PI3K). After Cantley discovered the protein, the important role of PI3K was uncovered. PI3K is important for the correct regulation of two important cellular processes: cell division and cell growth. Regulation of cell division and cell growth are very important in the development of frequently occuring diseases such as cancer and metabolic diseases, but also rare forms of genetic disorders. "Dr. Cantley's discoveries have had a tremendous impact on our understanding of cellular metabolic processes. The discovery of PI3K has allowed us to develop better treatments for various diseases. These developments give hope to patients all over the world", says Richard P. Lifton, M.D., Ph.D., President of The Rockefeller University and Chairman of the Dr. Paul Janssen Award Committee.


"Like all previous Dr. Paul Janssen Award winners and like Dr. Janssen himself, Dr. Cantley is challenging the status quo. Asking bold questions and tirelessly following his curiosity for scientific insights has led to an enormous increase in knowledge of human biology and the development of medical solutions", says Paul Stoffels, M.D., Vice-Chairman of the Executive Committee and Chief Scientific Officer of Johnson & Johnson. "We are proud to be able to honor Dr. Janssen's legacy by acknowledging today's scientific pioneers such as Dr. Cantley".

Champions of Science award ceremony

Dr. Cantley's work was put in the spotlight during the Champions of Science: Dr. Paul Janssen Award 2020 webcast. In this unique virtual ceremony Dr. Cantley was honored, and we created a stage for young scientists at the beginning of their careers. We also engaged into a discussion about the role of science in society. Watch the festive award ceremony here:


About the Dr. Paul Janssen Award

The Dr. Paul Janssen Award for Biomedical Research was established in 2004 by Johnson & Johnson in memory of Paul Janssen - founder of Janssen Pharmaceuticals. Since 2004, 18 outstanding scientists have been recognized with this award, three of whom have subsequently won the Nobel Prize in Medicine. The winners are chosen by an independent selection committee, consisting of the world's leading scientists. The award, which includes a cash prize of $200,000, is presented each year in September during ceremonies in the US and in Belgium. This award is part of the Johnson & Johnson Champions of Science initiative. This initiative nurtures public engagement, support and trust within science. By presenting the Dr. Paul Janssen Award, we stimulate connections between scientists worldwide, from young scientists to true pioneers such as Lewis Cantley. Learn more about the Dr. Paul Janssen Award here:



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