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Oncology is one of Janssen's areas of expertise. Oncology is a medical term for the knowledge about cancer and the treatment of people with cancer. Preventing, treating and curing cancer is complex. Each case of cancer is different. Despite impressive advances in treatment options within the medical world, each day cancer continues to turn many people's lives upside down.

At Janssen we want to make cancer a treatable and even curable condition. Until then, we continue to search for Victories over Cancer: victories over the consequences of cancer in daily life. Each person with cancer faces his or her own challenges, both big and small. We see it as our goal to support them in this.

Diagnosis cancer


Cancer is the second most common cause of death (after cardiovascular disease) in our country1. In 2017, a total of 35.017 women and 41.616 men were diagnosed with cancer by their doctors in Belgium 2,3. After receiving such a diagnosis, people with cancer and their relatives often live between hope and fear. To what extent is my cancer treatable or even curable? For people with cancer, the future is uncertain. If it is up to us, the meaning of the words "you have cancer" will change. These words should become less frightening for patients to hear and less difficult for doctors to pronounce.

Janssen works hard to better understand cancer and to develop new treatments. We have been active in oncology since 1988. We currently focus on the following types of cancer: bladder cancer, blood cancer, lung cancer and prostate cancer.

Victories over Cancer


It is our mission to change the meaning of the words “you have cancer”. We are working hard to find ways to stop cancer at an early stage, to treat it better or to even cure it. Until then, we're working hard to achieve victories over cancer, big or small. We don't achieve these Victories over Cancer by ourselves - we do it together with committed researchers, specialists and patient organizations. This shows our commitment and our non-stop attention for innovation for people living with cancer. We regularly report small and big victories over cancer: from successful collaborations with patient organizations to groundbreaking scientific discoveries.

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Read more about our activities in the field of blood cancer, prostate cancer and our other areas of expertise. You can also learn more about Janssen's activities in Belgium and what working at Janssen looks like. You can also follow us via social media on Twitter, Facebook en LinkedIn to stay up to date with current developments.



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