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Our commitment to SDG 10: Reducing inequality

Our commitment to SDG 10: Reducing inequality

Inequality is a global problem and in times of crisis the differences between people become even more visible. Sustainable Development Goal 10 Reducing Inequality, part of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, aims to reduce inequalities. For Janssen, this is also an important theme where we try to contribute in our way: we promote diversity and inclusion within our organization and thereby contribute to the reduction of inequalities. We spoke with Luc Verbeeck, Strategy and Operations Lead G3O and project leader of the Diversity & Inclusion program, to find out more about how Janssen is committed to SDG 10.

SDG 10 wants to eliminate inequalities and ensure equal opportunities for all population groups. By 2030, the social, economic, and political inclusion of all must be made possible, regardless of age, gender, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion or economic or other status.1 At Janssen, we also strive for diversity and inclusion. They are already reflected in our credo, drawn up in 1943, stating that we provide an inclusive working environment in which every person is treated as an individual. In addition, we ensure equal opportunities at work, as well as development and promotion for all who are eligible, regardless of age, gender, background, sexual orientation, ...

The Janssen D&I team

The Janssen Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) team translates our Credo with specific programmes for more than 8,000 employees - with a total of 62 different nationalities - in Belgium and the Netherlands. Luc coordinates the team. He explains: “The D&I team consists of more than 60 ambassadors, also known as D&I Champions. These employees, who work in different departments throughout the Benelux organisation, are engaged in promoting and stimulating diversity and inclusion.” The team complements the global Janssen D&I strategy on a local level. "We work on many themes, such as an inclusive work environment and culture or gender diversity," says Luc. "We also organise trainings, for example on unconscious prejudice, or career coaching, specifically aimed at women. In addition, we also set up initiatives to attract more talent with a migration background".

“In Belgium and the Netherlands, we work with more than 8000 employees with a total of 62 different nationalities.”

Employee Resource Groups

Many of our colleagues are also committed to diversity and inclusion on a voluntary basis. This can be done, for example, as part of an Employee Resource Group (ERG). Luc explains: “At J&J there are 12 different ERGs: groups of people who feel connected by, for example, a common culture, experience or identity". Examples are the groups Alliance for Diverse Abilities (aimed at people with disabilities), Open&Out (aimed at the LGBTQ+ community), African Ancestry Leadership Council (aimed at people of colour or African American colleagues), Gen(eration) Now (aimed at the younger colleagues), and Women's leadership & inclusion (aimed at women and their careers).


The "virtual inclusion week" is another good example of the D&I team’s work. Attention to inclusion is even more important in times when we all work from home a lot. During the virtual inclusion week, the D&I team put the spotlight on the themes of inclusion and loneliness. To this end, they created the hashtag #StayInclusive. "We organised a virtual inclusion week with inspiring speakers and various (digital) activities to exchange knowledge about inclusion and diversity between colleagues", says Luc.

Other sustainability initiatives

The activities of the Diversity and Inclusion team are just a few of Janssen's sustainability initiatives. Would you like to know how we are committed to the other Sustainable Development Goals? Discover it here!


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