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Our engagement for SDG 13: Climate action

Our engagement for SDG 13: Climate action

The effects of climate change are becoming increasingly apparent: rising sea levels, droughts, warmer summers, harsher winters, etc. In order to stop climate change, and to invest in a better and more sustainable world, the United Nations formulated 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). SDG 13 (Climate Action) focuses specifically on combating climate change and its impact. At Janssen we are working actively on the SDGs as well. With our Environmental Month, we raise awareness about SDG 13!

Kwinten Van Cauwenberghe, Manufacturing Sciences & Technology and coordinator of the "Environmental Month" for the Campus in Belgium, tells us more.

Pause on carbon

We can all contribute to a more sustainable world! Kwinten Van Cauwenberghe is for example closely involved in the organisation of the Environmental Month, a yearly recurring activity month, together with the ambassadors of the Janssen WeSustain team. The WeSustain team consists of Janssen colleagues who want to contribute to a healthier world, also within the company. "With the Environmental Month, we want to share information with colleagues about a topic related to sustainability. In this way we want to create engagement, and share enthusiasm and positive energy about sustainability," says Kwinten. “The topic of the Environmental Month 2020 was “Pause on carbon”. We emphasized the three most impactful actions that enable people to reduce their own carbon footprint: eat more plant-based food, be energy efficient and reduce food waste". All sorts of activities were organised throughout the whole month. Kwinten explains: "By keeping it simple and encouraging individual actions, we can all contribute to a healthier and more sustainable world in our own way!”

Environmental Month 2021

The topic of Environmental Month 2021 is ‘Nature’. The activities organised during the Environmental Month strongly reflect the interests and initiatives of the employees themselves. "Our colleagues think along with us about fun activities. The ambassadors of the WeSustain team collect these ideas. Together with the team, we select the best ideas, which we then develop during the Environmental Month. We give everyone the opportunity to think with us, because we always have room for a good idea", says Kwinten. The activities that will be organised during the Environmental Month can be very diverse. Kwinten says: "Think of the organisation of webinars, a vegetarian breakfast session, a plogging event, and so on".

“We always have room for a good idea.”

Sustainability is in Kwinten’s DNA. “I chose to study bioscience engineering with a specialization in environmental technology in order to better understand how we can develop new technologies without depleting our resources,” he explains. "Sustainability can be applied in any role, there is always something where you can make a difference. It’s the beauty of the whole concept." Kwinten also tells us what motivates him as a member of the WeSustain team, "Working towards a better world can be done in many different ways, but for me it's important to do it together with others. Because together you know more, you get further, and you have better ideas. That's the WeSustain team for me: a group of great people who make a difference".

Other sustainability initiatives

The Environmental Month is just one of Janssen's sustainability initiatives. Curious to find out more about other initiatives? Discover more about how we are committed to the other Sustainable Development Goals!


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