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Our “Innovation for Society” report

Our “Innovation for Society” report

We are proud to present our "Innovation for Society" report. As an innovative pharmaceutical company, Janssen is deeply rooted in the Belgian Life Sciences ecosystem, in which each player makes a unique contribution and has the same ambition: to strengthen our healthcare system. Every day we are committed to improving the health and welfare of all people, in a sustainable manner. In this report we provide insight into how we do this.

Collaboration is essential

The past years have underlined the importance of well-organised healthcare and innovation in the field of medicines and vaccines. Only thanks to intensive cooperation with all stakeholders in combination with innovation in the field of vaccine, it was possible to develop COVID-19 vaccines within one year after the outbreak of the pandemic.

With this report, we emphasize the importance and power of dialogue with all stakeholders and building partnerships. We believe that the most valuable innovation for patients comes from working together with the various actors who together shape our healthcare system. In this way, we can also further strengthen the ecosystem, encourage and attract talent, and fulfil our common responsibility to society.



Integrating the SDG’s into our strategy

Another focus of the "Innovation for Society" report is the integration of the sustainable development goals into our company strategy. As a leading innovative company, we have a strong social commitment. Our ecological footprint and the way we deal with gender equality and diversity are also important aspects of our business operations. Throughout the report we highlight how we integrate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into our company strategy. We believe we should not have a sustainability strategy next to our business strategy, but a sustainable business strategy.

Want to know more about how we are committed to developing and making innovative medicines and vaccines available to the people who need them? Want to know how we are planning to achieve this in a sustainable manner? Read our report at:


EM-90625 – FEB 2022