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Our mission: beating cancer

Our mission: beating cancer

Cancer is a very complicated disease and poses a major challenge. However, research into cancer is progressing rapidly thanks to remarkable innovations. Therefore our scientists are hopeful for the future. Will we ever beat cancer? We are convinced we will. Our mission is to transform cancer into a treatable and even curable disease.

Until that moment, we work hard, day in and day out, to help patients and their loved ones achieve victories over this disease. After all, they face challenges, big and small, every day. It is our purpose and our privilege to support them in this.We focus our efforts on finding revolutionary therapies for those forms of cancer for which we have only limited treatment options available.

Cancer. Now what?

Cancer is still the second most common cause of death in Belgium [1]. At the same time, research into new ways of diagnosing, preventing and treating cancer is progressing rapidly. The chance to be alive for example 5 years after diagnosis of prostate cancer is 95% [2]

These are hopeful numbers, especially when you realize that cancer research has picked up even more speed over the recent years. Currently, cancer is often no longer determining the rest of your life: people are more and more able to live their ‘normal’ lives after, but also during a period of illness. With the campaign “Cancer. Now what?” we want address this and raise awareness in a daring and positive way. You have (had) cancer. Now what?

Life with cancer and life after cancer

The diagnosis cancer has a big impact on people’s lives. During the treatment period it is important to be well informed and remain in control of your own life. Which treatment options exist? What is my influence on choosing between these options? What is my perspective?

Next to that, cancer has large implications on the social life of patients. How do patients and their loved ones deal with this? These are all questions which we would like to answer together with you. We welcome you to you share your experiences and join the conversation on our social media channels: Twitter | Facebook


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