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Parental leave

Parental leave

At Janssen, we offer a unique parental leave scheme that you can adapt to your own needs. This scheme allows you, as a new parent, to spend more time with your family at the times you choose.

Building a bond with a newborn child is important for development. This scheme gives both parents this opportunity. For us, that's part of a modern HR policy. Johnson & Johnson's investment further improves the position of women in the workplace, because childcare is better distributed between both partners

Hilde Claes

Head of Human Resources at Janssen Pharmaceutica.

Janssen and Johnson & Johnson's parental leave scheme

Whether you have a newborn child or have recently adopted, as a young father or mother, you can enjoy the first moments of your new child's life. In addition, as a woman, you can enjoy a long maternity leave with us.

  • Maternity leave: 15 weeks, of which 8 weeks fully paid.

  • Partner's leave: 8 weeks, fully paid.

  • Adoption leave: 8 weeks, fully paid

And the great thing is that you can decide, in consultation with your supervisor, when you want to use that time (within the first year of your baby's life).

An example

Maarten Janssen took a total of eight weeks of partner's leave, spread over the first year, after the birth of his daughter, Gloria. The first four weeks seemed to fly by. He took the rest of the leave when his partner Véronique started her job again. "I felt very privileged. Many friends and family only get two days. If you don't have a quiet night, or there are other complications, you are left feeling exhausted," Maarten says.