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Partnerships — together, we make a difference

Partnerships — together, we make a difference

Through the partnerships in our Benelux Community Impact program, we make a tangible difference to the lives of people in socially vulnerable groups. We work together to improve educational opportunities and promote day care, support carers and increase access to healthcare. These goals are also what unites us, and they lead us toward fantastic results on a number of different levels. Below you will find an overview of the most important partnerships.

Antwerp Management School

Within the Antwerp Management School (AMS), we work closely with the Sustainable Transformation Lab of Prof. Wayne Visser. The objective is to work with these specialists to clarify and anchor the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) in our business strategy.

Duo for a JOB

DUO for a JOB matches young job seekers from an immigrant background with volunteers aged 50 and older, who use their experience to help these young people to find work. Through this intergenerational and intercultural mentoring, DUO for a JOB wants to help achieve equal access to the labor market for everyone.

"DUO for a JOB is highly valued at Janssen. We make a difference by sharing insights and professional experience with these young people, which helps them to become better integrated and find a suitable job."

Karin van Baelen

Head of Global Regulatory Affairs, Janssen


Enactus is an experimental learning platform that stimulates social entrepreneurship among students. The network of Enactus consists of companies, academics and students who all share a common goal: to create a better, more sustainable world. With a focus on innovation and inclusive business models, the program not only provides students with knowledge of entrepreneurship but also delivers tangible results for participating partners.

Belgian Red Cross-Flanders

One of the projects in which we collaborate with the Belgian Red Cross-Flanders is Domein Polderwind: a care hotel where people with care needs, together with their carer, have the opportunity to enjoy a holiday. Domein Polderwind is located in Zuienkerke, in the middle of the polders between historic Bruges and the seaside town of Blankenberge.

One of our achievements has been to enable Domein Polderwind to purchase a wheelchair minibus. This means that people with significant care needs can also enjoy a day trip to the coast or a visit to the city.

Ronald McDonald Children's Fund

In our partnership with the Ronald McDonald Children's Fund, we focus primarily on supporting carers. At the end of 2019, the first Ronald McDonald House in Belgium opened near UZ Brussels, campus Jette. On top of that, we are getting our employees in the Netherlands and Belgium involved in volunteering at one of the Ronald McDonald houses.

Social Innovation Factory

The Social Innovation Factory promotes, guides and supports social entrepreneurship and social innovation as tools to meet societal challenges. Together we are starting a project on informal care, in which we will work together with carers to make an inventory of important issues on this subject. To come up with new solutions and models on the subject of informal care, we will have meetings with social entrepreneurs, selected scientists and professionals.

Together we will invest in sustainable partnerships, social innovation and social entrepreneurship.

SOS Children's Villages in Mersch (Luxembourg)

No fewer than 220 million children worldwide grow up without any family care. This puts their safety, development and future at serious risk. SOS Children's Villages provides children like these with a caring home in which they can have a real childhood, be nurtured and develop into strong adults.

SOS Children's Villages Luxembourg focuses on the care and support of children who, for whatever reason, cannot grow up safely at home. At Janssen, we actively invest in this partnership by, for example, supporting the development of tools for caregivers in counseling people through trauma. What is more, we also get our employees involved in volunteering for SOS Children's Villages.

Special Olympics

In Belgium alone, there are 165,000 people with intellectual disabilities. No fewer than 1,000,000 Belgians are directly or indirectly associated with these individuals. Through its activities, Special Olympics Belgium touches the lives of 12,500 athletes with intellectual disabilities and 6,500 volunteers.

However, the state of health of these athletes is not always good. Common problems relate to their feet, eyes, ears and teeth, and the taboo surrounding this area is something we are particularly keen to tackle.

Special Olympics actively seeks to increase access to healthcare for people with intellectual disabilities. We try to support this effort by actively investing in this partnership, but also by getting our employees involved in voluntary work for this organization.

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ToekomstATELIERdelAvenir (TADA) & IMC Weekend School (Netherlands)

What ToekomstATELIERdelAvenir (TADA) is doing in Brussels, IMC Weekend School is doing in numerous locations in the Netherlands: They both introduce socially vulnerable young people to the business world through practical lessons. This gives these teenagers an idea of what the future may have in store for them. We give them the tools to combat demotivation and focus on the best possible development opportunities.

Our Janssen employees are also actively involved in volunteering, for example teaching these children about the pharmaceutical world and getting them interested in science and technology.