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Peggy van Casteren about Community Impact

Aug 17, 2018

We don't have to reinvent the wheel. We should focus on what we're good at.


An inspiring environment and a visionary founder are the reasons why Peggy has worked her entire career for Janssen. As Community Impact Manager she continues down this path with a clear goal ahead: a better and more sustainable world for EVERYONE! Good health is the basis, ‘take care’ is her motto.     


The Janssen family 

Peggy calls herself a ‘Janssen-child’. Because her father worked for Janssen, Peggy quickly came in contact with the company, as well as its founder Dr. Paul Janssen, who still inspires her to this day. After the completion of her sports sciences degree at KU Leuven, she became part of the Janssen family as well: first in the sales department, then in the customer service center, later joining the medical education department followed by the medical affairs department.  


It’s in the DNA 

Peggy talks enthusiastically about Dr. Paul Janssen, who remained a hero, a visionary and an inspiration for her. “Dr. Paul’s driving force were the patients. You can still see this in the company culture today”, Peggy says. Ethics and cooperation have always been a priority for him, even when it was not for others in the industry. Dr. Paul personifies the Johnson & Johnson credo, which - even after 70 years - is still very applicable to this day.  


CSR or Community Impact: it’s all in the name 

Ethical cooperation and social responsibility have always been important to Peggy. This is why she is excited about her position as Community Impact Manager. According to her, in order to create impact in society a CSR strategy should be integrated in the business model. An organisation should therefore build on its own strengths when dealing with the important issues facing society. Keeping this in mind, the ‘Grow Together For Society’ strategy was developed, in which partnerships, volunteering and social innovation play a central role. The goal of ‘Grow Together For Society’ ​is clear: to support everyone in developing fully in society. To achieve this goal, Janssen focusses on three elements: to expand education opportunities and day care, to support carers, and to improve access to health care.  



We don't have to reinvent the wheel. We should focus on what we're good at.


Stop wishing start doing  

One of the partnerships is with the weekend schools IMC (from the Netherlands) and TADA (from Belgium), who want to motivate and inspire children by showing them possible future career perspectives. During the weekend school, Janssen researchers teach a course in pharmacy. Another initiative is the ‘Care Days’, during which all employees can volunteer for one day in an organisation of their choice. Peggy is also particularly proud of the ‘Social Growth’ sessions. In this cooperation, Janssen works together with Social Enterprise NL and the Belgian Social Innovation Factory to help social start-ups develop their company. The start-ups are advised by Janssen business leaders and compete to win the prize money. Last year’s winners were Platform -K, the Social Supermarket, and Rising You


Sustainable Development Goals 

Peggy is also aware of the outside world and the role that Janssen plays in it. That is why she now wants to improve the CSR strategy in light of the Sustainable Development Goals. These goals were created by the United Nations to collectively solve global challenges. Peggy now tries to implement these SDGs in the organisation and translate the goals into concrete targets. The management is convinced of the necessity and intrinsically motivated as well. “My challenge now is to steer this process in the right direction in order to create a real impact. Because you can go fast by yourself, but you will go far together.”


More than innovation, it's transformation. Take care!