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Social chemistry with a green coat

social chemistry with a green coat

Sustainability is inherent in the Janssen corporate culture. At an early stage, we involve environmental experts in the development of active ingredients. This is how the company is helping to achieve the ambitious environmental goals of its parent company, Johnson & Johnson (J&J). Janssen is committed to green chemistry, innovative technology, and a reduction in energy consumption.

Nothing weighs more on a pharmaceutical company's footprint than the chemical processes. Janssen makes every effort to keep that footprint as small as possible. Green chemistry (synthesis processes involving a minimum of raw materials and waste) is a long-established concept and practice on the Janssen campus.

Groundbreaking production processes

Every step in the production of drugs is carefully considered. For the synthesis of each new active ingredient, Janssen now uses a detailed development process. This should lead to a considerable reduction in the use of raw materials, water consumption, and hazardous waste. Within J&J, the company has been given an EarthwardsTM recognition as a quality mark for all products which meet the strict requirements of green chemistry.

The persons in charge of the energy systems at Janssen ensure that the chemical processes are now more green thanks to sustainable energy. First of all, the company asked its own employees for useful ideas for saving on lighting and heating, processes and equipment, and water and energy consumption. The best ideas have been put into practice and have resulted in considerable annual energy savings. However, a more environmentally aware attitude in work constitutes a major part of our savings.

Promising projects

A specialized energy and water team keeps a tight hold on the ecological reins on the Janssen Campus. Among other things, the team has come up with a specific treatment against microorganisms in the water supply. It has also constructed a cogeneration plant at the Geel site. The existing plant at the Beerse site was already running at full speed.

In recent years, Janssen has spent literally millions of euros on environmental improvement projects. These investments have led to a reduction in CO2 emissions of 3,200 tons per annum. The social chemistry which Janssen has been applying for a few decades now has taken on a greener flavor.