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Social involvement

Social involvement

Sustainable business is one of the pillars of our company. At Janssen, we are actively committed to sustainable health for everyone. With our J&J Benelux Community Impact program we create opportunities for the most vulnerable groups in our own region. Our aim is to give everyone who needs it the power to fully develop in society.

What do we do?

We get involved in three areas:

  • Promoting educational opportunities and day care

  • Supporting carers

  • Increasing access to healthcare

Promoting educational opportunities and day care

We believe it is very important that all children and young people should be given the opportunity to reach their full potential. By actively focusing on the development of vulnerable young people, we are also offering them the chance of a beautiful future. Together with several partner organizations, we bring them into contact with the practices of the business world, for example. In this way, we are combating demotivation and increasing the chances of success of these young people in our society. A good example of this is the ToekomstATELIERdelAvenir (TADA) in Brussels and IMC Weekend School in the Netherlands.

Supporting carers

The well-being of a large group of people in need of care lies in the hands of informal carers, that is the people around them. This means that the large amount of long-term and unpaid work that these individuals take on is not always visible to the outside world.

Informal carers all regularly need support themselves, but do not always realize that it is available. We are specifically committed to this group of people. One example of this is our participation in the establishment of Ronald McDonald houses. But we also actively put the issue of informal care on the agenda via the Social Innovation Factory.

Increasing access to healthcare

Finding their way to the healthcare they need can often be difficult for vulnerable groups. Even basic healthcare is not directly accessible to some. We help this group of people and tackle the obstacles, both social and economic, in their way. A good example of how we do this is through our partnership with Special Olympics.

How do we get involved?

  • We invest in sustainable partnerships

  • We encourage all employees in the Benelux to get involved in volunteering

  • We invest in social innovation and social entrepreneurship

Investing in sustainable partnerships

We work with organizations that pursue the same goals (promoting educational opportunities, supporting carers, increasing access to healthcare). Together we set up projects and implement plans that are designed to have a broad impact on society.

Encouraging all employees in the Benelux to get involved in volunteering

Through our Care Days, a large proportion of our employees spend one working day a year volunteering for charity. With all our partnerships there is also a "volunteering" component, which means that we as an organization are also involved in a hands-on way with the goals we support.

Investing in social innovation and social entrepreneurship

We accelerate growth and innovation through the deployment of people and resources. We support social innovation projects through coaching and "Social Grow Sessions," a business course tailored to social enterprise.

Partnership request

Do you represent an organization that shares our goals and do you like the idea of a collaboration with Janssen? Let us know! Here you will find a specific overview of our various partnerships.

Click here to view our annual report and see what we all achieve with our Community Impact efforts.