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House of Work Ability

A House of Work Ability for everyone

An attractive career in which you eagerly set to work every day. That is what Janssen aims for, for each employee. In full awareness that a career consists of more building blocks than work alone. That is why the company builds the House of Work Ability for and with employees.

House of Work Ability

The House of Work Ability (Huis van Werkvermogen) is a Finnish concept. It represents someone's work ability and all the factors affecting this ability as a house. The roof is the work ability, the extent to which someone has the eagerness and strength to set to work. It is supported on 4 different floors, the determining factors: health, competences and talents, standards and values, work.


If the floors of the house are not intact, this will have consequences for the roof. A strong work ability will occur when the four floors are well-balanced and interlinked. There is a stair running through the house. Health, talents, values and everything that is expected from us at work is intrinsically intertwined.

Janssen chose this concept because it is in perfect line with its corporate vision. The HR policy is aimed at creating sustainable and flexible careers. With work that matches the different life stages and with an eye for talent and an adequate private life-work balance.

The House of Work Ability is a clear and inspiring concept.

Employer-employee interaction

"The House of Work Ability is an inspiring concept. It makes it clear that every employee can take his work ability in his or her own hands. That they have ownership of their career", says Mieke Smet, HR director at Janssen. "And that it is an interaction between employee and organization to find the right balance."

"Thanks to the House, individual employees can consider what is going well and what could be better. Do they want to renovate or redecorate? Managers can use it in talks with their employees. To check whether the house is still standing strong", illustrates Mieke. "And the organisation can check what needs to be done to support employees. To offer everyone possibilities to set to work with his personal House of Work Ability."

Building blocks

Janssen already has quite some building blocks for the different floors. Like programmes for doing exercise, flexible workplaces, leadership and a Talent Fit Center. The number of initiatives is constantly growing.

"However, it is not always clear for everyone that projects, for instance on healthy food or working from home, are also intended to increase the work ability. The house makes this clearer", according to Mieke. Ideally every employee will arrange his or her house in a way that feels good personally, while making sure that it gives him or her the energy, strength and motivation to work."