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Third edition of APSOLUTELY and new platform

Janssen launches the third edition of APSOLUTELY and an online patient platform

For the third year in a row, Janssen publishes the magazine APSOLUTELY. To be able to inform patients even better, Janssen also launches the patient platform, full of stories and tips about psoriasis.

Psoriasis is a chronic skin inflammation in which skin cells start dividing much faster than normal. This causes thick, red and often scaly patches to appear. Psoriasis is not a contagious disease, but it can greatly affect the lives of patients. It is therefore necessary for everyone to have access to information that can help to cope better with the disease. Janssen is therefore launching the third edition of the magazine and the new platform in cooperation with patients, doctors, nurses and patient associations.


In this edition of the magazine, you can read tips from doctors and experts and powerful stories from people having psoriasis. For example, you can read the story of Wendy, who has experienced psoriasis and is a hairdresser. She shows that it is better to name things rather than keep quiet about them. Therapists also take the floor: Dr. Hertog talks about the importance of participation by those who live with psoriasis, and Dr. Walschot discusses the importance of giving the right information.

You put people more at ease by naming things instead of silencing them.


experience expert and hairdresser

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The new online platform will offer people with psoriasis and their families the opportunity to find information at the same address. For example, information can be found on the different forms of psoriasis, how to best prepare for a consultation with the doctor or how people with psoriasis and their environment can best cope with the disease.