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World Blood Cancer Month

World Blood Cancer Month

September is World Blood Cancer Month - the month where we put the spotlight on blood cancer, a complex condition that takes shape in various types. Blood cells are created by bone marrow and part of the lymphatic system. Bone marrow contains cells known as blood stem cells. When these cells split and mature, they specialize into the variety of cells which appear in blood. Some of these cell types mature in the lymphatic system. We speak of blood cancer when cancer develops in the bone marrow or in certain parts of the lymphatic system. About 140 different types and subtypes of blood cancer have been identified, which can be divided into different categories. Common symptoms of blood cancer are anemia, increased susceptibility to infections, and fatigue. A rapid and correct diagnosis is essential to treat the disease. Fortunately, progress in research has enabled us to recognize and treat many types of blood cancer faster and better. Living with blood cancer is not easy, but with the right help from practitioners and caregivers, a lot is still possible.

Everyday victories thanks to caregivers

Caregivers often play an important role in the life of patients with blood cancer. Their care often allows patients to pick up activities that were no longer possible. During World Blood Cancer Month, we want to highlight these small, everyday victories, and the crucial role that caregivers play. That is why we invited two patients, Cecile and Marie-Jeanne, to surprise their caregivers with a fun activity.

A few years ago, Marie-Jeanne was diagnosed with Waldenström's disease, a type of blood cancer. Frans, who is both her husband and caregiver, is her greatest support. Her godchild Camille, who is also Janssen-employee, has also always been an important support to her. Together they tell their story:

Cecile was diagnosed with mantle cell lymphoma. Luckily, her daughter and caregiver Katrien, also a Janssen employee, is always there for her. They talk about it together:

Blood donations as a life saver

It’s our mission to make cancer a treatable and even curable disease. Despite much progress in recent years, we are not there yet. During World Blood Cancer Month, many employees will go the extra mile and donate their blood. For certain blood cancer treatments, patients need blood transfusions to supplement the necessary blood cells and platelets. Some patients may need up to 4 blood transfusions a month! To ensure that a sufficient blood reserve is available, our employees will donate blood and help beat cancer.

Share your story

During the whole month of September, we shine a light on blood cancer and the everyday victories on social media. But we are also curious to hear your story. Will you join the conversation? Share your story!

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