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The world is our lab

The world is our lab

The world is our lab: a collaborative approach to research & development innovation

Research & Development. Creativity and fresh ideas. Science and solutions. Collaboration is in our DNA. We know where it has taken us and we know it can take us further.

At Janssen, we are dedicated to finding solutions to some of the most complex medical challenges. That’s why we never limit our search for new preventive and treatment options to within our own four walls. We look at the world as our lab.

Our experts collaborate with external parties at every stage of our value chain, from early discovery and development to market access. We seek medical breakthroughs wherever they occur, whether that’s a university, a research organization, or a biotech or pharmaceutical company. Our goal is to identify the best ideas inside and outside our organization to tackle the biggest unmet medical needs of our time. We also want to challenge attitudes towards diseases and how they are treated, prevented, and intercepted.

But collaboration at Janssen isn’t just about research and development. We also partner governments and non-profit agencies on new strategies for access, pricing, education, and support. This kind of collaboration comes naturally to us, given our decentralized organzational structure and open corporate culture.