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Additional Therapeutic Platforms

Additional Therapeutic Platforms

We pursue promising science and advanced technologies.

We have several exciting, forward-looking internal ventures designed to build our future pipeline beyond monoclonal antibodies, including:

Peptide Therapeutics

Novel peptide platforms comprise transformational peptides in mono-specific or multi-specific formats that can be used to enhance potency and selectivity, as well as extend half-life.

Gene Therapy

The Gene Therapy discovery group was established to discover nucleic acid-based therapeutics that have the potential to address significant unmet medical needs.

Cell Therapy

The Cell Therapy discovery group was established to discover cell-based therapeutics to address significant unmet medical needs. These products are comprised of living cells, which can be delivered in a targeted manner to treat disease. The lead Cell Therapy candidate for Janssen R&D, now in full development, is a cell-based product that is delivered into the subretinal space to treat advanced dry age-related macular degeneration (geographic atrophy).

Alternative Scaffolds

A group dedicated to the development of alternatives to antibodies, Centyrex, was established to explore the potentially transformational properties of alternative scaffolds. Centyrins are small, simple proteins in an emerging class of therapeutic proteins with exceptional physical properties, and with numerous differentiated applications compared to monoclonal antibodies and peptides. This group is also responsible for generating therapeutic candidates based on the fynomer platform.




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