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Looking to Next-Generation Antibodies

Next-Generation Antibodies

We leverage the latest technologies, from proteins to cell and gene therapies.

We deliver next-generation antibodies, which utilize bispecific and protease-resistant Fc and silenced Fc platforms, to generate “fit-for-purpose” antibodies for use across therapeutic areas of interest, including Oncology, Immunology, Cardiovascular & Metabolism, and Infectious Diseases & Vaccines.

  • Bivalent and tetravalent bispecific antibody platforms offer unique treatments for oncologic conditions, including targeting and killing cancer cells and activation of the immune system. As part of these platforms, IgG-centyrin (MAbtyrin) and IgG-fynomer (FynomAb) fusions are being explored for multi-specific targeting with high avidity.
  • Fc engineered antibodies in development include silenced Fc IgGs for targeting immune and metabolic cell types, IgGs with hyper-Fc activity for targeting pathogens and tumor cells, and protease-resistant IgGs with a variety of potent Fc activities for targeting pathogens, as well as the highly protease-rich tumor microenvironment and inflamed tissues that are high in protease activity.



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