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Biologics Research

Biologics Research: We Optimize Drug Discovery

Our Biologics Research group provides scientific expertise and strategy for the discovery and optimization of biologics therapeutic candidates. Through target research, hit-to-lead generation, structure-guided lead optimization and cell line development technologies, this team efficiently progresses differentiated product candidates through pre-clinical enabling stages to select the best pre-clinical candidates for development.

Our research capabilities consist of a broad range of state-of-the-art technologies, including:

  • Sourcing of antibodies from hybridoma and phage display using high throughput and next-generation sequencing approaches, as well as optimization of manufacturability characteristics using sophisticated biophysical and biochemical analyses
  • Use of peptide chemistry to address targets not appropriate for antibodies or small molecules
  • Integrated structural biology and protein optimization to generate high-quality optimized leads
  • Protein engineering and production to identify the next generation of targets appropriate for our therapeutic areas of interest

As therapeutics progress into development, Biologics Research also generates anti-drug-specific antibodies for pharmacokinetics and immune response assays, surrogate antibodies or proteins for non-clinical pharmacology and reproductive toxicology assays, and analytical and reagent support.




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