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Genmab DuoBody® Technology Platform

Bringing Partnerships to Life

In July 2012, Janssen Biotech, Inc. entered into a licensing agreement with Genmab for use of its DuoBody® technology platform to produce and develop bispecific antibodies with two different “arms” that bind to two different targets or different epitopes of the same target. Utilizing this technology, Janssen Biotherapeutics can create up to 20 DuoBody products for disease-target combinations in all therapeutic areas. The first product to be developed, JNJ-61186372, targets EGFR and cMet — two validated targets for cancer. The antibodies involved in the creation of this product were generated at Genmab and are part of the initial licensing agreement.



“Our collaboration with Janssen is outstanding. Thorough data-driven science, open communication at all levels, teamwork and mutual respect are key attributes to the enormous progress made. We feel privileged that we can work together with such a talented group of people in the highly motivating environment created by Janssen.”

Paul Parren

Senior Vice President & Scientific Director, Genmab

How We Partner

In bringing the Genmab partnership to life, Janssen BioTherapeutics provides support through the full spectrum of discovery and development, from target research to commercialization. While the DuoBody technology is licensed from Genmab, Janssen is solely responsible for full development of all products resulting from the platform. Genmab owns all improvements made to the technology based on the feedback provided by Janssen and its experience with the DuoBody platform.

Why We Partner

Placing significant importance on partnerships, Janssen provides a number of valuable offerings in support of mutually beneficial collaborations. With the shared goal of discovering and manufacturing differentiated treatments with proven safety and efficacy, Janssen offers Genmab a rich history in biologics research, a willingness to maintain a long-term relationship to develop each DuoBody product, and a stable financial and operational infrastructure that allows full commitment to expanding Research & Development.

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