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Together, We are the Breakthrough: Celebrating Clinical Research

"We are the Breakthrough": Celebrating All Those Involved in Clinical Research


Clinical research has always been important, but it hasn't always been a topic of daily conversation…to be honest, over the years my family has shown a somewhat limited interest in what I actually do on a day-to-day basis.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed that, and this Clinical Trials Awareness Week (CTAW), I have the opportunity and privilege to showcase the vital role clinical research plays in facilitating the development of medical innovation and recognizing the unrelenting contributions from EVERY person—every patient, caregiver, investigator, site staff and clinical trial worker—that has helped to make medical breakthroughs possible. Without clinical trials and all the people who contribute to them, patients simply would not have access to some of the innovative therapies that exist today.

But how do clinical trials come together? At Janssen, they begin with our philosophy: Better Trials. Made Together., which consists of patients, industry stakeholders and our clinical research sites working together to create better, faster and more inclusive clinical trials.

Putting Patients at the Center of Everything We Do
Patients and clinical trial participants make clinical research possible, and their needs must be at the center of everything we do. They place trust in us, and we must reflect that by bringing their voice into trial design and integrating their insights to help elevate the impact of clinical trial advancements for the communities we serve. Our trials represent the culmination of the tireless work of clinical trial team members, patient caregivers and site investigators. Each group brings unique viewpoints to co-creating solutions that help with the clinical trial experience and make medical breakthroughs possible.

Creating and Delivering Medical Innovation—Together
To highlight the unique and vital role each group plays in the clinical trial process, we are dedicating Clinical Trials Awareness Week 2021 to all those who are helping to create and deliver medical innovations. Because together, We are the Breakthrough.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also demanded that we think and act differently in how we develop more effective and potentially life-changing therapies faster. This is an opportunity for us to reimagine how we conduct clinical trials and will hopefully lead to advances in the way we carry out research and deliver transformative treatments.

How can we seamlessly integrate clinical trials into people’s lives, minimizing burdens and improving experiences? How do we leverage the important technology, mobile and data science advances to turn aspects of all studies into ‘virtual studies’? How do we design accessible, inclusive, and insights-driven clinical trials that are representative of all the patients we serve? How do we collaborate in new ways with health networks, local pharmacies, and other healthcare groups? We cannot just return to the ways of conducting trials that existed pre-COVID-19.

Reimagining the Clinical Trial Process: My Trial CommunityTM
To better support all clinical trial participants and site teams by transforming the experience before, during and after a clinical trial, Janssen developed a digital support program called My Trial Community. In coordination with study teams, My Trial Community is designed to help participants feel more informed and play an active role in their clinical trial participation to improve the overall experience.

Program features include:

  • Preparing participants for what to expect in their clinical trial
  • Increasing participant engagement throughout the trial
  • Helping participants feel recognized for their contributions to research
  • Increasing data sharing and transparency with participants

Participating in a clinical trial can be overwhelming for patients who may already be struggling with their disease. My Trial Community plays a role in helping patients and caregivers throughout the trial journey. The My Trial Community site is now publicly available, and we invite you to browse these features by clicking here.

Continuing Momentum for the Patients That are Waiting
So, this week—and beyond—please join us in recognizing the hard work, passion and dedication of everyone who helps to deliver better outcomes for all patients through their participation in clinical trials. Together, We are the Breakthrough, and we’ll work collaboratively to shape the future of clinical research for patients and communities globally, to help bring medical breakthroughs to those who are waiting as quickly as possible.