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Our Support of Life Science

Our Support of Life Sciences

Innovation Leads to Better Health 

We believe continued investment in Canada’s innovative life sciences sector is vital to the country’s future and should be central to Canada’s innovation strategy.  Life sciences innovation leads to economic growth and enhanced patient care and outcomes, which to us at Janssen, is the most important goal.

Our industry’s ability to continue to invest in innovation in Canada is directly related to a supportive policy environment for the life sciences sector. 

For Canada to achieve global leadership in this area, we must ensure that we have aligned and supportive policies throughout the ministries of health, innovation, economic development, finance, science and technology.  We believe policies that impact our industry should consider the value that innovative medicines bring to the healthcare system and to patients.    


Janssen’s Commitment to Canada’s Life Sciences Sector 

We are devoted to the Canadian research community and our actions underscore this commitment.  Since 2014, we have committed more than $1 billion in initiatives that contribute to and attract global life sciences investments to Canada.  This includes our investments in JLABS @ Toronto and the JLABS POD @ Alberta, which provide substantial incubator space, equipment, programs and mentoring for the life sciences sector. 

Learn more about Janssen’s other partnerships and innovations that are helping transform medicine and improve patient outcomes include by viewing the map.