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Discovering Underlying Mechanisms


Identify, understand, and target the underlying mechanisms of cardiovascular, metabolic and retinal diseases.

At Janssen, we believe that early drug development—exploring new compounds, studying them in depth, and critically evaluating their promise as therapeutic agents—can achieve its full potential when scientific promise is matched with world-class development and commercialization.

We are hyper-focused on targeted disease areas where we believe the science and unmet need meet. Within Cardiovascular, Metabolism & Retina we are focused on finding the next generation of treatments for cardiovascular, metabolic and retinal diseases, and we strive to find and apply the best science for transforming and eliminating these diseases by starting with truly understanding the underlying mechanisms of the diseases.

Translating Science to the Real World

Grounded in our deep expertise within our focus areas we work across the company to successfully deliver new therapies from laboratory to patient. Our research and development strengths, in addition, to our infrastructure allow us to seamlessly expedite the development process. 

We know that no one company, no single academic institution, can solve the challenge of these diseases alone. We look for the best science and best scientific minds in industry and academia—wherever they may be, inside or outside our company—to confront the challenge.

Cardiovascular & Metabolism

Cardiovascular & Metabolism

Micro Pancreas
Micro Pancreas