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Janssen Global Development Leadership Share Commitment to All Involved in Clinical Research

Janssen Global Development Shares Its Appreciation and Commitment to Those Who Participate in and Advance Clinical Research

Janssen believes Better Trials. Made Together. As the world continues to navigate the new normal brought on by COVID-19, there has been an undeniable effort to ensure continuity of care and advance research by a wide range of experts, from healthcare professionals and clinical trial site teams to research partners and regulatory bodies.

These efforts have not gone unnoticed. Janssen recognizes and remains committed to supporting everyone involved in clinical research. Watch the video messages from Janssen’s Global Development leadership team to find out more:

Supporters of Janssen’s Clinical Trial Programs 

Featuring Peter Ronco, Head of Global Development


Janssen’s Commitment to Clinical Trial Teams 

Featuring Nick Hodges, Vice President of Global Clinical Operations

Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

Donna Williams, Discovery
Donna Williams, Discovery