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Ready to change lives; Janssen’s first digital solution is launched as a medical device: Care4Today® IBD

Janssen EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) are pleased to announce the launch of the Medical device solution: Care4Today® IBD which is a virtually connected solution within the European market (currently UK and Spain with launch dates pending in Germany and Italy) initially for Crohn’s patients. Care4Today® IBD brings HCPs and patients together:

  • to have more insightful conversations, and better manage the patients’ IBD journey
  • to increase disease awareness through symptom tracking
  • to ensure offering of the right care at the right time

Care4Today® Crohn’s was initially created for patients with Crohn’s disease and we have taken the next steps to ensure it will also be available to patients with Ulcerative Colitis, showing our continued commitment to support all IBD patients who want to better understand and better control their disease.

The Unmet Need

Comprehensive and supported chronic disease management is a challenging task for both patients and their care teams. Enabling patients and HCPs to intervene in a timely manner and giving the tools to take control of their disease and communicate effectively, is even more difficult.

Care4Today® IBD is designed to address those challenges, by easily transferring key patient data to the care team via an intuitive and easy to use mobile application and a digital HCP portal. Care4Today® IBD was created following market research into the needs of patients and HCP’s and by collaborating with Patient associations and Scientific committee members from UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and France, we developed a greater understanding of the need.

Solution Development

We have gradually developed this solution, since 2016, through co-creation with patient associations, scientific committees and advisory boards and partnering with BePatient, a leading digital health solution start-up, to turn their vision into a reality. The solution today gives patients access to educational articles and allows them to track their symptoms by regularly completing questionnaires or trackers on relevant parameters such as pain, bowel movements, weight, fatigue, Quality of Life, and Faecal Calprotectin. This allows HCPS to track their patient’s progress through the portal to be able to have more informed discussions during appointments. What makes Care4Today® IBD truly innovative is our integration and partnership with CalproSmartTM – a leading provider of remote home-lab faecal calprotectin tests. This integration means that, for the first time ever, patients can test inflammation markers within the privacy of their home and their results are uploaded to the app, and in turn to the HCP dashboard; thus, hugely reducing test timelines and waiting for results compared to tests performed at the hospital.  Consequently, paving the way for earlier, and more targeted, intervention by HCP’s.

Care4Today® IBD study

The launch of the Care4Today® IBD study in the UK, made possible by the efforts of the Janssen EMEA gastroenterology Medical Affairs department, the UK Medical Affairs department and UK study team, provides the backbone for a robust data strategy that will give us a window into the lives of patients with IBD and will allow Janssen to measure the impact that the solution can have on clinical outcomes and resource utilization. The study, due to launch in October 2019, will take place with 100 patients, across 5 centres in the UK, looking at patients retrospectively and after the start to use Care4Today® IBD to measure the impact that the solution has on measures such as medical resource utilization, PROs, disease activity, adherence and satisfaction. The data that we collect could also pave the way for new business models value discussions with our customers and will allow us to create a more tailored and bespoke solution for our patients in future releases.

How did we get here?

Getting such a complex solution to market has been a labour of passion and collaboration between many different teams of experts within our business. Of course, aligning all subject matter experts wasn't always the easiest task, but thanks to the persistence, resilience and often pragmatic yet compliant approach of all experts, we managed to overcome all the complex hurdles in the end. Having jointly completed a very thorough review and approval process that looked at the solution and our partners from every possible angle, we are now confident that the product we are offering will show the best of Janssen and it’s collaborating partners for this solution. 

Next Steps
The Solution will be available in UK, Germany, Spain, and Italy in the coming weeks and months. Our aim is for Care4Today® IBD to reach over 2,000 IBD patients in the next 12 months and we’re not stopping there as we also plan to expand into other locations. We have come so far and yet we are only just getting started with the future that Care4Today® IBD could have and the ways in which we can develop this solution to continue to find new and better ways of connecting with and supporting our customers. 

Want to know more? Please send an email to [email protected]  The Healthcare EMEA Solutions team.