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Advanced Treatment Innovation

Advancing Science For The Benefit Of Patients

We are actively developing treatments for patients in five important therapeutic areas of healthcare: Cardiovascular & Metabolic diseases, Immunology, Infectious diseases & vaccines, Neuroscience and Oncology. Through extensive medical research our solutions may be able to alleviate, contain or cure some of the world’s most serious conditions and diseases.

The human body is vulnerable

The need for new and even more effective drugs is greater than ever. But there is also a need for preventive treatments for diseases, diagnostics to discover diseases at the earliest stage possible, and biomarkers to distinguish between the various sub-types of a disease.

Smart drug delivery

Forgetting to take your pills can affect how well they work. Recent advances in drug delivery are helping to overcome this problem. Medicines that slowly release their drug over 24 or even 72 hours can transform the lives of patients because they don’t have to remember to take multiple tablets daily to stop their symptoms from returning.

Personalized treatment

Which medicine works best for you? In the future we could possibly use biomarkers in your blood to catch your illness at the earliest possible stage. Our knowledge about diseases (precise causes and specific sub-types) and genes is growing every day. Based on the diagnosis of your specific disease and your unique genetic profile, we might then be able to tailor the medicines that will be most effective for you.

Every patient is unique and deserves a personalized approach. Take for example ‘intelligent’ forms of administration which increase a patient’s comfort and therapy adherence, for example, drugs with prolonged action.

Learn more about the innovative treatments which our scientists are developing.