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Enjoying the work we do

Enjoying the work we do

Interested in an exciting and rewarding professional future? Janssen is a great place to have a career!

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Why work here?

You’ll thrive in our exciting and dynamic corporate culture, constantly seeking new challenges, making your own independent contributions to the company’s success. In the cooperative and open climate that prevails at Janssen, you have the best chance for an attractive and long-term professional future.

As part of our global team, you’ll enjoy excellent working conditions and quality social benefits, all necessary incentives for a performance-oriented culture.

At Janssen, you’ll be working with one of the world’s leading research-based pharmaceutical companies. You will personally contribute to improving the health and quality of life of patients and their nearest and dearest through innovative products, information and services.

What can you expect at Janssen?

Are you ready to assume responsibility? Then we are just right for you. At Janssen you’ll find energizing and fulfilling challenges, both for beginners and those with professional experience from various backgrounds. We aim to match your personal pride in your individual contribution to our corporate objectives.

A willingness to explore new avenues, grasp opportunities and acquire knowledge is a cornerstone of our corporate culture. We monitor individual progress and fill management positions predominantly from within our own ranks. Your success depends exclusively on personal merit and performance.

Why do we like working here?

Naturally we all work to make a living, but there are many other reasons why you might like to join us. A healthy work-life balance is essential to your continued well-being.

We understand that our success depends on providing you with a thriving environment: an open and honest approach, team-based working processes and goal-oriented and productive cooperation.

Whatever your role, as part of an innovative and research-based pharmaceutical company, working here means you are committed to ensuring that patients receive the treatment and medicines they need. This is a meaningful and rewarding feeling – contributing to saving lives and making people feel better. Janssen offers rewarding opportunities for personal fulfilment and career development.