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Never settle: physicians at Janssen touch millions of lives

Never settle: physicians at Janssen touch millions of lives

“With Janssen, a physician has the ability to impact and improve the lives of millions of patients and their families. By bringing patients’ needs and representing patients’ voice within the company Janssen will design and develop better drugs and better solutions for them, and for the Health Care Professionals who take care of them everyday.”

José Antonio Burón Vidal

VP Medical Affairs, Janssen EMEA

Physicians play an important role at Janssen and help us connect with patients. View all the job opportunities for physicians and learn more about our values and innovative healthcare projects.

Physicians represent and connect with patients

Physicians play an important role at Janssen and more generally, within the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies. They connect regularly with healthcare providers and patient advocacy groups, and represent the patients within the organization. Their understanding of patients’ needs is vitally important for the development of innovative medicines addressing high unmet medical needs.

Physicians also provide an independent viewpoint and the ability to look beyond a single product, location or market. Their contribution to the company includes evidence-based medical and scientific expertise and ethics.

At the same time, through continuous scientific dialogue and medical education, our physicians provide expertise to the outside medical and scientific community. With wonderful partners and ground breaking collaborations, we are making great progress.

Over and above helping individual patients, physicians at Janssen touch the lives of millions of patients around the world.

“In haematology and oncology, we have some really important products that we developed and that we are currently developing bringing change in the landscape of treatment.”

Christoph Tapprich, Medical Affairs Director, Janssen EMEA

Reach out to the Janssen physicians and experience what we have to offer!

Our physicians all agree: Janssen employees uphold very strong ethics, put patients’ needs first, and live by our Credo.

We would like you to feel at home as quickly as possible and experience all aspects of working with Janssen. Our Leadership Development Programs introduce you to the variety of opportunities for physicians in Janssen and help you build a strong network of physicians and business leaders throughout the company.

These specific programs give you unique insight into how Janssen operates and allow you to define what works for you. They offer a unique opportunity to become a broadly experienced pharmaceutical physician. When you complete the programs, you are poised for future success − in whatever career path you choose!

Hear first-hand from Janssen physicians

Reach out to our physicians and learn what working with Janssen is all about!