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Patient Advocacy and Engagement

Patient Advocacy and Engagement

The wellbeing of patients is the reason we come to work each day


Connecting with patient advocacy groups

How Janssen interacts with these essentials organisations


Janssen interview - integrity

An interview about integrity from Janssen and a Patient Advocacy representative


Janssen Interview - Empowered patients

Find out what the Janssen team has to say on the topic


The Expert Patient 

EUPATI - A new generation of the medically informed are here


Our giving: Organizations

Janssen is fully committed to providing high quality products and services to healthcare professionals, patients and...


Our Giving: Patients and Caregivers

Helping those who mean the most to you Informing the patients who take our medicines and their caregivers is of...


Listening to patients 

An example of how we capture patient preferences and better understand their treatment needs