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Addressing The Challenges Of Drug Discovery

Addressing The Challenges Of Drug Discovery

The major medical advancements of our time have been achieved through the collective efforts of those working in science and technology to  develop treatment for patients most in need.

Delivering new medicines to patients can be a long and challenging task, requiring a comprehensive investigative process that entails several stages of research, conducted over many years.1 This is to ensure available medicines are safe, effective and can make a real difference to patients’ lives.

In 2017, across the global pharmaceutical industry, there were nearly 15,000 pipeline products being investigated across all clinical trial development phases and disease areas.2 However, very few will successfully pass all stages of development required to become a medicine available to patients.1 Yet, this does not deter us - developing new and innovative medicines that extend and enhance the quality of people’s lives is our greatest reward.

#WeWontRest while we are still working to advance the type of transformational medical innovation that will add years and improve quality of life for millions of people around the world

To find out more about the drug discovery process, take a look at this infographic:




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