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Full house again for the European Health Parliament

Full house again for the European Health Parliament

On 5th December 2017, the European Health Parliament held its second plenary session of its third edition in Brussels in the European Parliament.  Between October 2017 and April 2018, the members of the European Health Parliament are scheduled to meet four times in plenary sessions whilst doing some Committee work in between.

The European Health Parliament is a platform of 55 young professionals or students from across Europe, who are working together over 7 months, with the aim of shaping the future of healthcare in Europe. Participants are working and brainstorming in 5 committees around specific topics. They meet with key stakeholders and share their ideas with policy makers, NGOs, media to deliver high-level policy-oriented recommendations to be presented to the European Commission as possible legislative proposals.

The European Health Parliament brings together young men and women who are likely to develop into leaders or high-end professionals in healthcare in a wide variety of sectors: policy, business, science, ngo, …. This initiative thus not only results in concrete policy proposals but is also strengthening the networks that will shape our European Healthcare in the decades to come.



Janssen and Johnson & Johnson have been supporting this initiative from the beginning and in each of the three editions of the European Health Parliament young Johnson & Johnson professionals selected as members.  Other sponsors are the European Patient Forum, Google, Politico, EU40 (young members of the European Parliament) and the College of Europe.



For this edition, the European Health Parliament has identified, in liaison with the European Commission, five committees focusing on policy areas where the EU institutions would like to hear from young professionals new policy solutions for the forthcoming years.


The EHP#3 committees are:

  • Committee on Outcomes–based Healthcare Systems.

  • Committee on Robotics, Artificial Intelligence & Precision Medicine.

  • Committee on Antimicrobial Resistance.

  • Committee on a Health Workforce Planning.

  • Committee on a European Vaccine Initiative.

On 5 December the Health Parliament Members will meet and listen to experts and policy makers from the European Parliament, the EU Commission, OECD representatives and many more to discuss the challenge of sustainability and innovation in European healthcare.  Good luck!


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