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In 2014 Janssen extended its commitments to sharing Clinical Trial Data by announcing a unique agreement with the Yale Open Data Access (YODA) Project from the Yale School of Medicine.

The YODA Project – Janssen’s Increased Commitment to Clinical Trial Transparency

Through the agreement, we commit to sharing clinical trial data, including participant level data with YODA, from our portfolio of products with qualified researchers, physicians and investigators through the YODA Project. This is the first time any company has collaborated with a completely independent third party to review and make decisions regarding every request for clinical data.

Setting a new standard with Yoda

Working with the YODA Project, Johnson & Johnson has set a new standard for collaborating with an independent organization to share clinical trial data, while emphasizing the following principles:

  • Safeguarding the privacy of patients
  • Respecting the integrity of national regulatory systems
  • Maintaining incentives for investment in biomedical research

For more information please go to:
The YODA Project

Metrics and information about requests