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Keeping our colleagues safe

Keeping our colleagues safe

As a leader in global health, our top priority remains our patients, customers, and employees. We are partnering with global and local health authorities to address immediate and long-term health care needs, to ensure sustainable supply of our critical medicines, as well as to research potential vaccines and therapeutics.1,2,3

We will remain on the front lines of this health crisis, bringing our full resources and minds to combat it.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we are committed to helping ensure and protect the personal health of our employees and their families around the world. Guided by this commitment, we have instituted an expanded policy allowing all employees in medium-to high-risk areas who can perform their duties from home to work remotely. These concrete individual actions are one step in helping support the collective response to this global threat. We are also committed to protecting those employees whose continued physical presence at work is necessary to advancing our science—including work to combat this new virus—and ensuring that patients and consumers around the world have consistent access to our most essential medicines and products. We are taking all measures possible to ensure their continued health & safety while they perform their essential jobs.

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