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Leveraging Big Data For Better Outcomes





Leveraging Big Data For Better Outcomes


Today, healthcare systems in Europe are facing formidable challenges – one, in particular, is how we can harness the power of ‘Big Data’ to demonstrate more evidence-based value for our therapies.

One solution is to improve how we collect and use health data and engage patients to become more active data owners. Although this may sound simple in theory, the reality is far more complex as systems can sometimes be duplicative, uncoordinated or inefficient, and the need to ensure patient privacy is vital.

Enter “Big Data For Better Outcomes (BD4BO)”, a public-private initiative, which aims to contribute significantly to meeting these challenges through its mission to improve health outcomes and healthcare systems in Europe by maximising the potential of Big Data.

The scope of BD4BO currently consists of four disease-specific projects that are focusing on Alzheimer’s Disease; Haematologic malignancies; Cardiovascular diseases; and Prostate cancer. Through this work BD4BO is hoping to contribute to healthcare system change by:

  • Bringing clarity to outcome metrics
  • Establishing protocols, processes and tools to access high quality data
  • Creating methodologies and analytics to drive improvements
  • Increasing patient engagement through digital solutions

At Janssen, we believe the potential of Big Data can be truly transformational for our industry, which is why we are a proud partner of BD4BO. As an initiative set up in the true spirit of collaboration, we are committed to playing our role and maximising the benefits to society that span a broad spectrum of sectors including healthcare systems, trial/product design and use, and most importantly, disease treatment for patients.

For more information, go to the BD4BO website or visit the Innovative Medicines Initiative – the world’s largest public-private partnership in the life sciences.