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How We're Making Blood Cancer Visible

How We're Making Blood Cancer Visible

Despite blood cancers making up seven percent of all cancers worldwide, their disparate nature means they often go ‘unseen’. However, their economic impact is substantial; the total cost of blood cancers to the EU economy is €12 billion,1 and healthcare costs per patient are almost two times higher when compared to the average cost across all cancers.1

Awareness of blood cancers and their symptoms is low but their impact on people’s lives and our economy is high. Through our ‘Make Blood Cancer Visible’ campaign, we are working hard to change that. By inviting people who have had blood cancer to share their own stories and experiences we hope to build greater awareness of the true impact of these cancers and support other patients, their family members, carers and friends.

#WeWontRest until we can deliver solutions that make blood cancers like multiple myeloma a chronic and manageable condition

To find out more about the different types of blood cancer watch the video below:





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